Dating Rich Men - What Mistakes to Avoid

Dating rich guys can be both exciting and challenging at the same time as you are delving in an area that can be considered as taboo by many. Inevitably, there are some "traps" or may we say "mistakes" that you need to avoid if you are currently dating a rich man and want your dates to flourish into something further. Every move and thing you say counts so you better make a great and lasting impression. Here is what NOT to do:

Dating Rich Men

  • Don't bring up the money topic. Yep, it may be pretty obvious that money is a factor for choosing that particular guy and he is not blind not to see it, but don't make this a big deal from the start. The man should feel special first as a person and not being perceived only as a sack of money. Even if the guy asks you to comment about his rich lifestyle, say something genuinely nice but don't give clues that you are just looking for money e.g. "I really admire your stamina and success to do so many things at the same time" - that will let him know you find his lifestyle attractive but you aren't actually only after his money.
  • Don't act like you are far inferior than them or the opposite. One common mistake many females do when dating rich men is that they act inferior or superior than them. The first put the mask of the victim, and how pitiful their life is to gain sympathy and on the opposite side of the spectrum, they are women that act like princesses and think they are better than everyone else. Neither of these women appear attractive to sane and rich/successful men - even if their behavior works temporarily, it will lead nowhere in the long run. What you should do instead is to show your true self-confidently with all your strengths and weaknesses and what you have to bring to the table. Remember, dating is not about one side's interest, it's about common good.
  • Don't be emotionally insecure and demanding. Insecurity is probably the No.1 silent killer of any relationship - even more when you are dating someone of higher social status who is very successful, confident, and a risk-taker. If you act like you have nothing else to do than sit by the phone and complain or nag his ears every time he gets back home, that is a recipe for disaster. Dating a rich man often leads to less time spend with you because of meetings, trips, and all these professional stuffs that occupy his schedule. If you can't deal with that, then it's best not to proceed things any further until you manage to control your demands. He needs a partner who will understand his busy lifestyle not someone that will make them feel more tired and stressed out when they get back home.

Essentially, a rich man is looking for a partner that is confident, positive, and understanding of their busy and hectic schedule. If you can't really deliver these things, the whole partnership will be a mistake.