Should You Have Sex or Get Allowance from Sugar Daddy First

One of the most frequently asked questions when a new sugar baby enters the sugar bowl is: "Which should happen first, having sex or getting allowance from the sugar daddy?" Well, that's the most important question when you start an arrangement with a sugar daddy!

Have Sex Get Allowance from Sugar Daddy

  • Only date sugar daddies that you are actually attracted to because this is a good way to lower your risk. If you actually like a sugar daddy, it matters less which should happen first. You can sleep with him first because you feel attracted to him anyway - there is no loss. If you don't like a sugar daddy, make sure you end it early and move on quickly, as there are many other sugar daddies out there who are generous and attractive at the same time.
  • An arrangement is not a transaction. If you think having an arrangement is about trading sex for money, then you are wrong. Most sugar daddies are looking for genuine sugar babies who value connection, emotional support and love. Yes, an arrangement is also a relationship. If you have to date a guy anyway, dating a sugar daddy is the best experience because you not only get your love life figured out, but also get your finances figured out! Therefore, don't see an arrangement as a transaction; instead, see it as a normal dating experience with some bonus. With this mindset, you are less worried about whether you should sleep with a sugar daddy first or receive allowance from him first.
  • Life is an adventure; regard the sugar bowl as an experiment first. Considering the sugar bowl an experiment first is a very healthy way to start your sugar lifestyle. Most people don't marry their first love because it takes a while to learn the lessons and become a competent dater. Similarly, it's highly unlikely for you to get a sugar daddy successfully when you meet the first potential sugar daddy. Hence, you need to be prepared to fail for a couple of times before you get the ideal sugar daddy that suits you. You can take some calculated risks when it comes to having sex first or getting allowance first. When you are wondering whether he is a scammer, he is also wondering if you are a scammer, which means one person has to take a risk first. But like I said earlier, you only take calculated risks. That means you need to make sure you trust this potential sugar daddy before you have sex with him and you always use a condom.
  • Money is king; trust is God. If you decide to receive allowance first, that's perfectly okay because every situation is different - you have to judge each situation differently. When you tell a potential sugar daddy that you need to receive allowance first, look at his reaction. If he says no, then you know he can't trust you and isn't generous anyway, so there is nothing to lose and you can walk away immediately. If he says yes, then you get exactly what you want first. That's why this is a great solution. The prerequisite of getting allowance from a sugar daddy before sex is his trust in you; thus, you need to demonstrate that you are a reliable and trustworthy sugar baby early in the interaction. For example, you can tell him that you have a day job that you must rock up every day. Or you can tell him that you study a law degree at university. Things like this make him trust you more because having a day job means you have to report to your boss and you must work with your co-workers or deal with clients/customers. If you can do those tasks reasonably well and you aren't fired, that means you already have third-party testimonials. Remember: Third-party testimonials/reviews are hard to fake. That's why websites like Yelp are popular. If the potential sugar daddy knows you are studying a law degree at university, that also tells him you did well at high school and can handle a complicated degree at university, i.e. you are reliable.

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